Thursday, January 8, 2009


I saw the Cool Hawaii, which is stanley's blog. His blog is cool. And His blog has many interesting things to me. Especially, I like his firework's photo among them.
It's beautiful!!!
Everyone shoud go to his blog because it makes you feel fun, I think!!
This is the final assignment!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

100 Years later

I think that our technology is going to be developed GREATLY such as ROBOTICS,

Do you know Doraemon? If you don't know it, you SHOULD go to HERE

If Doraemon existed our future, it would make us happier!!!!! I think!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 things about 2008

1, I remember that I went back to Japan in this May.

I took the EEP classes before I took the ELS. I took a break to go back to Japan.

2, I remember that I came back to Hawaii in this June.

I came back from Japan.

3, I remember that I made many friends in the ELS.

May be

4, I remember that I had blackout on my birth day becouse of TOO MUCH ALCOHOL

I got drank on my birth day.

5, I remember that I went to a neighbor's party on this Christmas! It was so great!!

All of neighbors are native Americans. It is good for me.

6, I remember that I played the Mah-Jongg of Taiwanese rule

Some Taiwanese invited me to play Mah-Jongg. I Knew Mah-Jongg of Japanese rule, but Taiwanese rule is different.

7, I remember that I visited the Big Island with my friends

On the Thanks Giving Day, I went to the Gig Island. That's good!!

8, I remember that I entered the ELS

Yes, I entered ELS on July.

9, I remember that the fireworks were good on this independence day!!

I went to Alamoana Beach Park to see the fireworks.

10, I remember that I bought a surfboard from my friend.

I bought surfboard on August, but I used it once so far.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About the BlackOut

We had the blackout on 26th Dec.

what did you do at that time? I think that every one does nothing right? haha

OK, I tell you that what I did at that time. I went to the ALOHA TOWER to eat DINNER with my friends! When I arrived there, blackout is already coming!! SO i didn't order anything including beverage! I ordered only water!! but it is not COLD WATER. It is WARM ONE!!haha
I went back to my house. Of course, no light in the house!! I cared my inside of a refrigerator!!
I did nothing!! So I went to bed early!! I think that every one did.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's bad news today.

Today, 24/12/08.

in Japan, famous person was dead. The name is Ai Izima.
She acted someone on the T.V. Some men liked her, I think.

According to japanese news, she was suicide. Oh~my got!!

Police men is investigating about that now because if some one killed her.

I did not know abouit that until 11:00 a.m today!

I hope that this problem is solved quickly. Namu Namu

If you wanna know who she is. Please Click here. There is her picture

The meanning of gift

Any Gift makes people happier. I think that Evrything can become the gift! For example, FOOD, COOKING, LETTER, and Of course, MONEY!!

We can give a gift on our celebration such as christmas, graduation, our own birth day and so on.


I will give you a GIFT!!

Please, Click HERE

This is a music video!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

10 things I often wonder about

1,why does not space have oxygen?
2,why does not ocean have oxygen?
3,why is sky blue?
4,why is earth blue?
5,why is cloud moving?
6,why do we have gravity?
7,Why does not ocean have gravity?
8,Why is Hawaii hot?
9,Why is Hawaii island?
10, Why is water no taste?
I am a naturalistic man!

The Cat of Happiness

The Cat of Happiness